Back in 1980 last days of May, in a house on Av. Mexico, Monraz neighborhood registrations started to enter the newly opened Instituto Alpes. The director was Miss Maria Laura Moreno. In temporary facilities, a total of 250 students between boys and girls began their school year in August of the same year. Grades that were opened began from preschool to 4th grade elementary.

Four months later, in Ciudad Bugambilias located north of the city of Guadalajara, they began the construction of the first buildings of the school. It was thanks to the donation of the land and the generous support of some parents deeply interested in the education of their children.

It was not until September 1981, that the second school year started with 380 students in the new facilities of Ciudad Bugambilias.

In 1982 The Instituto Cumbres was founded with the construction of the first buildings next to The Instituto Alpes. In the 1982-1983 school year, boys went to their new school. The first director of Instituto Cumbres was Mr. Germán Sánchez Girese.

Now, after 35 years of existence and 25 generations of graduates of our high schools, we have joined into one school since the summer of 2007. Alpes Bugambilias and Cumbres Guadalajara became one educational family: Alpes Cumbres Guadalajara. We are a strong educational model that seeks to train men and women of integrity whom will tomorrow be leaders of positive action in our society.